After seven long years of successful operations it has been decided, with a heavy heart, to close this Organisation. It has seen many people, coming and going, and provided all with experiences that some did not think were virtually possible. We grew to be the largest and most successful Special Operations Group on the IVAO network since our transition from Virtual Skies in 2012 partaking in every going operation, hosting some of the largest ourselves and were renowned for our perfection, precision and professional attitude.

Memories will forever remain and this has never been a one man show - people across the seven years have added a tremendous amount of work and in turn held senior positions and should not go unrecognised. My sincere thanks to;

Daniel Lewington Ben Leonard Aran Ellis William Bruce
Alexander Clover Jamie Martin Jonathan Reeves Matthew Kingscott
Karl Hughes Ryan Moore Jamie Dodson Jack Heathcote
Mark Henley Craig McLaren Cameron MacGregor Andrew Boucher
Stefan Metzler Chris Globe    

As I close, I thank all of you for the hard efforts you did helping me make what we made. I suppose real life has taken away the time we use to offer but our legacy shall continue to remain. I've been proud to have the ability to say you were my crews, my officers and later on, my friends.

The YouTube channel shall remain as a shrine to what we create, the "old boys club" that shall continue to exist and always be open to those who shared the same 'virtual' memories.

Background picture provided by Chris Globe (RFR100)